Why ethnic wear is so popular globally?

by 1 on January 29, 2014

Global fashion trends have always ruled in favor of fusion wear. However, the advent of ethnic wear as a global fashion choice has taken everyone by surprise. This is but natural, considering the fusion of two major sensibilities into modern day ethnic wear. Western aesthetic trends, cuts, finishes and comfort aspects are perfectly blended with traditional finery and heady doses of glamour. This has naturally sparked the rising popularity of ethnic wear in global markets. Being a staple fashion segment in the Indian market from times immemorial, ethnic wear had lost its sheen somewhere in between.

This was mainly attributed to high prices, dropping quality standards and lack of innovation. Ethnic wear was simply not considered cool and happening in the modern context. However, some much needed inspiration and creativity have combined to revive the popularity of ethnic wear all across the world. Subsequently, it is also seeing a revival in India much like the proverbial phoenix which rises from the flames to create an impact all over again. Online Ethnic Wear trends have also been pretty encouraging in turn.

Ethnic wear has been popularized by television serials, the film industry and the growing Indian community abroad. This is having an impact on India based sales of Fashionable Ethnic Wear online. The global ethnic wear market is valued at almost $2 billion at a global level. Growth levels are staggeringly high at almost thirty percent. Many design houses and online shopping companies are making a beeline for the Online Ethnic Wear segment. Alongside, traditional retailers of ethnic wear are also switching over to the online format without wasting any time.

The demand for stylish and Fashionable Ethnic Wear hits its peak during festive occasions in India such as Diwali, X-Mas and Dussehra. Average prices of ethnic wear online can be pegged anywhere between INR 700 to 1000. Another factor working in favor of ethnic wear and that has led to its steady resurgence, is its integration into work life. Ethnic wear is not just for occasions nowadays; one can avail of multiple options for professional and formal ethnic wear as well. This has democratized the usage of ethnic wear as far as working women are concerned, leading to greater sales as a result. The average prices notwithstanding, ethnic wear can be quite expensive on Indian online shopping portals.

You can stick to high quality ethnic wear options at the lowest possible prices with Fashion Equation which offer lucrative discounts of almost 30-40% on most purchases. Shipping charges are also waived for purchases that cross the INR 500 mark. This makes it a cost effective and viable option for a wide spectrum of customers. The popularity of ethnic garments on our portal is a testament to the greater innovation, fusion of differing sensibilities and emphasis on comfort as far as producing quality ethnic wear is concerned. Buy Premium Ethnic Wear online at great prices and play your part in this amazing fashion resurgence.


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