Is affordable jewellery a myth?

by 1 on January 30, 2014

Jewellery is a global fashion weakness and dominates the accessories segment like no other fashion product. Jewellery is one of the fastest growing fashion markets in the world and is set to scale even greater heights in the future. India as a country has always had a weakness and penchant for luxurious and fashionable jewellery. The country has been home to the finest artisans and craftsmen along with being one of the major exporters of traditional and fusion jewellery pieces to European and Western markets. The craze for jewellery is always unmatched in India. It thus comes as no surprise that Online Jewellery Shopping is a new fashion trend of sorts.

Online Jewellery Stores have tapped into a huge crowd of fashion enthusiasts, especially women. Customers have reached a particular saturation point as far as buying jewellery from conventional shops and stores is concerned. Innovative designs rarely make their way into shop catalogues and staple jewellery items and designs still rule the roost. Alongside, Jewellery is comparatively costly at retail outlets and traditional stores. This mainly happens due to taxes, operating costs, distributor costs and manufacturing costs, all of which are passed on to the customer.

Online Jewellery Stores provide prices that are free of additional costs as opposed to regular retail stores. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of Online Jewellery Shopping. However, it is a common notion that jewellery continues to be priced on the higher side in spite of the exclusion of these additional costs. Affordable jewellery is held to be a myth in the present scenario. Is it really a myth? Fashion Equation begs to differ in this regard.  Our portal promises to provide the lowest possible jewellery prices to customers. There are no quality compromises on this account.

Customers can expect a scintillating jewellery collection complete with cutting edge, innovative designs and attractive sets. Our portal also provides mouth watering discounts to customers along with other special offers. With INR 3,000 worth of registration benefits and free shipping facilities for purchases above INR 500, Fashion Equation debunks common perceptions relating to expensive prices for quality jewellery. You can expect a plethora of attractive designs in various hues, shades and textures. All these products are representative of superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can get items starting at only INR 50 and upwards.

Some special jewellery items on offer include the following:

  • Studs in various colors like light green, tan yellow, dark green, white and black
  • Emerald studs
  • Square shaped studs
  • Triangle shaped studs
  • Star shaped studs
  • Ear drops and jhumkas with black stones and pearls
  • Ruby studs and earrings
  • Hook type pearl earrings
  • Navratna studs
  • Button checkbox studs
  • Ethnic finger rings

You can get innovative jewellery items at jaw dropping prices on this portal. Affordable jewellery is not a myth; it is a reality with our online fashion portal. Log on right away and build a fabulous jewellery collection without burdening your pocket.


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