Premium yet affordable jewellery at your doorstep

by 3 on February 08, 2014

International fashion trends have washed up on global shores in a manner of speaking. India no longer remains insulated from global fashion designs, insights and outfits. The fashion industry is setting a scorching pace as far as innovation is concerned. It’s not just clothes or outfits; accessories and add-ons are steadily creating trends of their own. Proper accessorizing is very essential especially for fashionable women. Proper accessories and jewellery can make any outfit stand out in the crowd. Jewellery in particular, marks its own style statement and adds its own particular sheen to any outfit.

Accessorizing with trendy jewellery gives you a chance to enhance your look and infuse a touch of glamour into your outfit. Looking for quality jewellery which conforms to trends and keeps the style quotient high simultaneously? Look no further than the Online Fashion brand VaRaaGK which is a premium accessories brand . It’s a hot selling segment at popular online fashion retailer Fashion Equation, this brand is set to scale even greater heights in future. The USP of this brand lies in the merger of luxury and affordability in almost all its products. Quality accessories and premium jewellery need not come at a steep price and this has always been the motto of the brand.

Being a growing Online Fashion brand, VaRaaGk stands for classic and elegant simplicity married to style and glamour. This is what sets this brand apart. Customers can find a plethora of breathtaking Jewellery Online with great designs and a variety of materials used. There are an array of Studs, Jhumkas, Earrings, Finger Rings, Toe rings, Jewellery sets and more. What sets these stylish and classic products apart is the usage of beautiful Red, Green and Kundan stones. Pearls and emeralds have also been used for a handsome look. Crystal beads have also been used in some designs in addition to Zircon stones and rubies. Jewellery products come in a variety of eye catching designs here. The flower designs deserve special mention along with some special ones like the Tutti Fruti Rose Earrings, Ethnic Double Jhumkas with pearls, crystals and pink stones, the purple stone chain and complementary ear drops and many more.

Attractive designs, innovative use of stones and gems and cutting edge style make these products stand out from the herd. Other unique jewellery pieces include the 3 Rose studs, Turquoise Earrings, Black Flower Pearl studs, Changeable five in one earrings and many more. The best part? Most of these items come at substantially low prices. You can find most of these products available within INR 1,000 only. Some start at prices as low as INR 90. This truly makes VaRaaGK an affordable yet premium fashion brand.

If you are looking for quality Jewellery online, check out brand VaRaaGK without any further delays. You are assured of receiving premium yet affordable jewellery right at your doorstep without any hassles. Check out Fashion Equation for additional discounts and special offers.


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