Latest Jewellery Trends that take your breath away

by 3 on February 15, 2014

Jewellery has always been a booming sector in the global fashion industry. Who does not have a weakness for quality jewellery? Jewellery has always been the sunrise sector as far as the fashion economy is concerned. However, it is important to always keep abreast of the latest trends in jewellery. You can find a variety of modern and trendy jewellery on online shopping portals. This will enable you find affordable and stylish jewellery and other accessories right from the comfort of home itself. Here are some of the top fall Jewellery trends that are rocking both global and Indian markets these days.

Cuffs that are oversized This is one of the top jewellery trends that have been a hit with global audiences. Cuffs that are oversized, win over multiple bangle bracelets. This is ideal for women who are always on the move. You can save loads of time and energy and make your own statement at the same time. Rolling up long sleeves or wearing shorter sleeves is essential to carry off the look right.

Mixed Metal Jewellery One of the top draws as far as Online Jewellery purchases are concerned, some good old fashioned metal mixing is no longer discarded by fashion purists. You can actually go in for some much needed eclecticism by mixing multiple pieces of silver, gold and other metals. You can start off with a base piece in gold which you can work around with regard to choosing other pieces. However, the pieces should complement each other harmoniously; there should be no distortion in your overall look.

Chandelier type earrings Feeling tired of wearing your jaw dropping necklace at every party or get-together? You can now make an equally jaw dropping impression with chandelier earrings. These earrings symbolize femininity to its core and infuse just the right dose of romance to your look. These jewellery pieces make your neck look slimmer and longer and are best paired with scarves or even ponytails.

Stacking and mixing rings Rings in all shapes, sizes and hues have always been a hit with online jewellery shopping enthusiasts. You can try accentuating your look with a wide variety of rings handpicked and placed together to create maximum impact. You can dip into your ring collection to match and mix diverse pieces together. This will give you a delightful bohemian look to say the least.

Charms and little pendants There are many women who do not like to carry off huge and chunky jewellery pieces, especially huge necklaces. Little pendant necklaces and other charms can actually help you pull off a great look of sorts. This helps you achieve a casual yet stylish look and can be paired with almost any outfit you choose.

The Rebirth of the choker Chokers have seen a mass revival with the revival of fashion styles more inclined towards punk and retro movements. Choker necklaces are one of the hottest trends this year. You can even pair them with your precious pearls to truly stand out.

Check out popular Online destinations for jewellery to get hold of trendy and stylish options in this regard. These jewellery trends are sure to take your breath away!


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