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by 3 on February 21, 2014

New age fashion trends defy age old barriers and conventions. Today’s fashion is a lot about comfort and convenience. Fashion is no longer a restricted affair. Rather, there has been a consistent effort to bring it into the mainstream. Fashion marries ethnic sensibilities with modern trends these days. There are a plethora of examples prevalent in our day to day lives and the garments or accessories we use. Alongside, modern Indian designers and fashion houses are taking things forward with their unique and innovative creations. These pioneering products very much reflect the fashion story of the present and the coming future.

Let us take a look at the humble Patiala bottoms. Most often out powered by their traditional counterparts or the kameez; these garments have got a much needed boost in the present day scenario. Traditional Patiala’s made for a conventional bottom garment with nothing much to look at in terms of design, color, comfort or aesthetic sensibility. New age fashion trends defy such typecasting of such a pivotal garment piece for Indian women. One of the pioneers in this regard has been Fashion Equation. One of the leading manufacturers of garments for women in India, has literally stormed the fashion industry with its cutting edge designs and spin-offs on fusion wear trends.

A rich collection of Fusion wear, Clothing, Accessories, Jewellery and other fashion essentials can be found on our portal which is an online extension of its hugely popular offline fashion business. The company takes it upon itself to ensure the best possible fit for all its customers. Alongside, it has kept comfort and style as the pillars of its design policy. The best part is that all these products are provided at throw-away prices. Wholesale prices and additional discounts make sure that you get your products at unthinkable prices.

Some of the unique products of our Online Shopping portal interpret the age-old Patiala differently. The Patiala’s sold here come in a wide range of vibrant colors and designs. The printed Patiala range deserves special mention in this context. These prints, colors and designs take the look and feel of this garment to a different level altogether. Alongside, all Patiala’s keep the comfort and convenience factor intact due to the soft wash, fine stitching and 100% color fastening assurances provided. Popular colors include Alice Blue, Aurora Pink, lime green, Princess Barbie and the staple black and white. You can even find polka dotted Patiala’s on our Online shopping portal.

Another striking feature of these products pertains to the presence of two side pockets on them. This is one of the most unique and refreshing concepts to have emerged in recent times. Keeping the convenience of modern Indian women in mind, these two side pockets are incorporated into each and every trendy Patiala sold on our site. Fashion Equation takes the cake when it comes to innovative designs and sheer style. Log on and power your Patiala with a wide range of eye catching designs, attractive colors and of course, the handy side pockets.


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