Indulge your love for jewellery without straining your budget

by 3 on February 22, 2014

Ever wondered whether you could indulge your love for jewellery on a shoe string budget? This would normally be considered impossible in the conventional fashion context. Jewellery has always been an indispensable part of the global fashion scene. Alongside, the high prices of jewellery have all along been no deterrent to its overall acceptance and popularity. Rather, global demand for cutting edge jewellery has only increased over time. However, modern times are a bit different with regard to the sudden economic instability that has gripped the world.

Global recession has had its impact on lifestyles and workplaces all across the world and India is no different in this regard. Recession has even had its impact on the fashion industry which is suddenly witnessing a drought as far as buyers are concerned. Apart from the shortage of regular patrons and customers, fashion houses and designers have to contend with increased prices of materials, stones, gems and other materials. All of this makes for a very stressful situation indeed. People do not have high budgets to spend on their fashion and accessory acquisitions. Instead, they mostly look for budget picks that serve all purposes and are handy and beautiful at the same time.

Jewellery has never been really affordable for the average individual. However, global customers are reluctant to purchase jewellery at high prices these days in spite of the investment value it brings to the table. The need of the hour pertains more to affordable and elegant items that can be worn daily. The demand for heirlooms and classic pieces has slowed down substantially in recent times. As a result, most Online Jewellery shopping stores and other fashion houses are facing problems with regard to retaining their steady customers.

Fashion Equation is one online shopping portal that dares to be different in this context. What distinguishes it from its competitors? It has one of the best collections of New Look Jewellery that is appealing by far both from traditional and contemporary perspectives. Our portal has items for every occasion and purpose. Most importantly, it possesses jewellery pieces for every budget as well. You can take your pick from a huge collection of Necklaces, Studs, Earrings, Chains and Jhumkas among other elegant items.

Some popular picks include pearl chains with Emeralds and Rubies, Pendant and Earring sets, Antique and Ethnic Jhumkas with multi-colored stones, Ruby ear drops, Earrings with Kundan stones in a variety of designs and zircon eye pieces with big drops. These are just some of the immensely attractive and popular items on offer at our online store. You can find items starting from only INR 50 onwards. The maximum price cap on our portal stands at less than INR 3,000 which speaks volumes about its commitment to providing customers with the lowest possible jewellery prices. Visit our portal and indulge your craving for premium jewellery without worrying about overstraining your budget. There is a handy system of discounts as well which helps you get even lower prices for your purchases!


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