Salwar Kameez Blueprint For The Modern Woman

by 3 on February 24, 2014

There are some outfits that are daily staples no matter what the occasion or purpose. The humble salwar kameez occupies pride of place in the daily lives of innumerable women all across India. Most women get it wrong with regard their salwar kameez choices and care regime. However, if chosen and maintained perfectly, this outfit can help you shine at every occasion. Today’s women are multi-taskers with little time at hand to attend to their fashion needs. They want everything to be just ready and perfect. This is possible only if you follow a few simple guidelines and tips.

While choosing a salwar kameez, you need to be very careful about the color and style of the same. There are a plethora of salwar designs available on Indian online shopping portals or other fashion sites online. You have to visualize yourself in a particular outfit. The blueprint for choosing the perfect salwar kameez essentially depends on the way it flatters your body shape in a comfortable manner. Women, who have fuller figures or are on the heavier side, should always go for A-line fashion styles with colors that are a little on the darker side. This will camouflage their figure and make them look fabulous in the bargain. Alongside, women who are on the thinner and leaner side should always try anarkalis with greater outfit texture.

Light complexions merit matching colors such as light green or pink. Darker complexions are best complemented by colors like maroon and brown which are considerably deeper than the ones mentioned previously. The right cut of the salwar and the color will go a long way towards giving you that immaculate look. You should also pay attention to the neckline of the salwar kameez. The properly cut neckline will divert attention from unwanted areas and accentuate your structural assets to the hilt.

V shaped necklines are ideal for women who wish to divert attention from their bust lines. Chinese collars are ideal for those looking for increased height. You should also choose all other embellishments with great care and caution. Look for matching pleats, stripes and choose your dupatta carefully. For instance, a thick dupatta adds some much needed texture if you are quite thin. You should iron and clean your salwar kameez with great care. Always make sure that the delicate embroidery on the outfit remains intact and undamaged. If possible, get your salwar kameez cleaned and ironed by professionals.

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