Make Your Salwar Kameez Stylish

by 3 on March 01, 2014

Salwar Kameez nowadays is looked down upon by youngsters as not being hip enough. However, at one point in time, it was seen as the apparel that broke the monopoly of sarees. Thanks to revamps, salwar kameez has now become trendy once again. Several styles such as Patiala suits, Anarkali salwar kameez and churidars have re-popularized this evergreen, classic item of clothing.

Patiala suits

Indigenous to the Punjab region, it is now one of the most popular designs for salwar kameez. Patiala suits are different from traditional salwar kameez in the design of their bottom. The pants are kept lose and flowing, quite similar to the ones worn by dancers of harems. It is extremely comfortable to be worn for summer months.

The top part of the suit is like a regular kameez. Patiala pants can be made using any kind of textile. You can even get them tailored. Some websites sell printed Patiala pants and Patiala pants with pockets.

You can design the collar in a particular manner or the sleeves to make the salwar kameez appear even more stylish.


Churidhars have been in fashion for a very long time. The pants have got neat, little folds towards the bottom. Churidhars can be worn by women of all ages. You can get the kameez tailored in the A-Line pattern which will make it look very smart.

Churidhars are usually made in cotton and materials similar to it otherwise it is not possible to the folds at the end of the bottom. You can also buy churidhars online in different colours and prints.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali salwar kameez has recently come into vogue after many film stars have been seen sporting it. The kameez has an empire line cut, where after the bust line, the dress flows downwards. The bottom is usually kept in the style of churidhar pants. It can be tailored in any kind of textile, although it is better to get it done in fabrics such as net, georgette etc. Keep the sleeves full because it gives a regal appearance.

The style is usually suitable for slim and tall women because of the empire line design. You can get the Anarkali salwar kameez tailored or you can buy anarkali salwar kameez online on various Online Shopping Portals.

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