Which colors rule the roost this season?

by 1 on January 28, 2014

Fashion after all, is all about a riot of colors, hues, textures and impressions. Though monochrome and deeper, darker tones have sometimes won our hearts, riotous colors have always ruled far more. Fashion and color go hand in hand and are as inseparable as can be. A particular color or color mixture can go a long way towards defining a new trend, look, impression or even simply up the style quotient. Each season is often centered on some special colors which encapsulate that particular season’s mantra to the fullest. These colors become long lasting trends of sorts for fashion junkies and even connoisseurs.

Which colors rule the roost this season? This is a tough ask, going by the eclectic fashion styles and patterns trending this season. This season can best be described as a perfect amalgamation of the old and new as far as colors are concerned. The new elements are groundbreaking, catchy and quirky in some ways. The old is back in a new avatar, fused with contemporary elements that help it carve its place in the fashion pantheon. The season’s hottest colors rule on online fashion shopping portals. These portals contain loads of accessories, ensembles and other outfits in the latest styles and colors.

When it comes to online fashion buys, customers have always preferred outfits in colors that can be connected to the prevalent season. For instance, the fall season will always see a preference for some earthy tones. These include stand-out tones or mixtures involving some basic shades of brown, gray, copper, beige and other similar ones. Designers and manufacturers always keep these basic seasonal colors at the forefront as customers have been seen to prefer colors that are concurrent to the season. This is all the more vindicated through trends seen on online fashion shopping websites.

Alongside, people are waking up to experimental, eye catching albeit quirky colors this season. Emerald is ruling the roost this season to good effect. Emerald outfits have been flying off the racks these days. This is a color associated with elegance, liveliness and beauty. It adds a touch of radiance and harmony to any backdrop. Emerald based ethnic wear options like kurtas are quite popular these days on top fashion portals. There are various types of kurtas for corporates along with matching accessories. This color has been played around with to create stunning accessories and kurtas on these portals.

These portals also give precedence to other trendy fall colors like bright red, pale blue, mixed olive shades, purple and camel tones. Blue in particular, has made great inroads into the fashion circuit this season at the expense of pink. This has been evident in a large number of outfits and creations by leading global designers. Make your online fashion buys even more enjoyable with the hottest trending colors of fall season 2013. These colors will help you stand out in the crowd and will add just the right dose of freshness and spice to your look.