Appropriate Ironing Techniques for your precious garments

by 3 on February 10, 2014

Online shopping has attained immense popularity in today’s times with the availability of loads of Online Ethnic wear and other fashionable garments. However, simply splurging on eye catching and attractive outfits will not do. A lot of care and caution should always accompany the maintenance of your precious garments. This is especially true for ethnic wear and dupattas which require additional care to stay gorgeous all round the year. You should always have a proper maintenance plan in place which involves both washing and ironing techniques tailored to keep your outfits in prime condition.

While ironing can seem a bit boring or too draining at times, there are some super fast techniques to help you pass muster. These tips will help you keep your beloved garments in mint condition while saving time and energy at the same time.  There are various ironing techniques and tips that you should be abreast of before starting out. Often, your clothes and other outfits may be crumpled and wrinkled even after a good dose of ironing. How can you prevent this from happening? Read on to find out more about appropriate ironing and fashion tips.

There are some basics that you would do well to keep in mind in this regard. Firstly, you will be able to bring down your ironing time significantly by putting just a dab of aluminum foil right beneath the cover of the ironing board. How does this work? The aluminum foil, being a heat reflector, will have the garment ironed simultaneously from both sides and this will save time immensely. It is also advisable to iron in the bedroom or on a specialized ironing table. This will ensure that you get access to all the areas of the outfit and will prevent unnecessary stretching of the garment. Always keep in mind the temperature requirements of each and every outfit. Not every outfit should be ironed at fabulously high temperatures.

If you are worried about the fit, always house the cover of the ironing board on the board itself when it is a little damp. This will allow it to dry out in the course of time and give you the perfect fit post-ironing. Apart from these fashion tips, you should also keep putting surfaces that have been freshly ironed further away as you go. This will keep wrinkles at bay. For collars and hems you should do some wrong side ironing first. Fabric which is doubly thick, needs separate ironing on the inside and outside respectively.

You can also spray some homemade starch gently on ethnic fabric while ironing. You should also iron garments which possess embroidery or other patterns upside down using a towel. This will keep you from accidentally damaging them. Use these basic ironing tips and techniques to keep your clothes in grand fashion. Order a plethora of Online Ethnic wear options and other outfits and maintain them with elan all round the year. You can now order your Fashion choices online in just a matter of minutes. 

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