Quality can come without a premium

by 3 on February 18, 2014

The internet has sparked a shopping revolution of sorts in global markets. Online shopping is the new arena of choice for global customers and the segment is set to grow even faster and bigger in the coming months. Online shopping has engulfed almost every major business sector. The same is true for the global fashion and design segment. Fashion shopping online is the new trend and this has been reinforced by the emergence of multifarious online fashion portals all across the world. India is no stranger to these global undercurrents. There are dozens of leading Indian portals available, catering to customers across a wide range of segments and fashion categories.

Most of the portals specialize in providing both in-house and branded garments and accessories for men, women and kids. Branded garments are always a preference owing to common perceptions of superior quality and fit. Alongside, the price and demand for any outfit increases in tandem with innovativeness in design. This is the prevailing trend as far as Fashion shopping online is concerned. People are also concerned with finding good deals online. Out of all the Online Fashion portals on offer, which can give you the best possible deal?

This is a subjective question and is dependent on the particular fashion category you are looking for along with other requirements and needs. However, quality always comes at a premium as the old adage goes. This is especially true for the fashion industry. Designers do not compromise on profits on globally acclaimed designs and styles. The more contemporary the outfit, the more the premium you have to pay. After all the initial hoopla over the low prices of clothes and accessories online, it is a whole new story in this market segment altogether. Big online shopping majors already have a sizeable customer base.

The price based benefits have died down these days thanks to increasing costs and escalation in brand value and brand costs. This has brought down the margin of discounts and other offers that customers had come to expect earlier. Online shopping for garments and accessories can often be an expensive affair and may only be a wee bit lower than what you would normally pay for shopping via the traditional retail format. This leaves the question hanging on everyone’s lips: Is it thus possible to obtain quality clothes and accessories without paying a hefty premium?

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