Convenience and Comfort as Key Fashion Factors

by 3 on February 25, 2014

Fashion as a mainstream consumer segment, has undergone rapid and vast evolution. Trends come and go by in a jiffy. There are various dimensions and undersides to the fashion sector today. Primary designing has also gone in for a makeover. The focus is more on the convenience and comfort of the customer. This is now taking precedence over glamorous appeal and beauty of the outfit. The overall look and feel of the outfit is of no use to the wearer in case of inadequate comfort and convenience while using the outfit. This is the modern design principle that is employed by contemporary designers and fashion houses.

Traditional Indian garments and fashion styles never gave much importance to fit, finish, cuts and fabric quality. They highlighted luxurious appeal without thinking of the underlying aspects. This is one factor along with many others that led to the rapid de-glamorization of Indian ethnic wear. Traditional wear was always seen as too heavy and stifling for the taste of modern customers. Women once swore by Kurti’s, Dupatta’s and bottoms or Anarkali’s and Salwar. However, they started rejecting these beautifully crafted outfits in favor of western ones. The emphasis was on comfort, quality and convenience of modern Indian women.

Contemporary ethnic wear has seen rapid evolution with regard to styles, cuts, finishes, fabrics and other factors. All of these are geared towards enhancing the comfort of the wearer and the usability of the garment in turn. This is something that can be credited to major Online Fashion Shopping portals. The Online Fashion stores have revolutionized the way we look at traditional wear. Fashion Equation is one of the leading Online Fashion Shopping portals who have always insisted on innovativeness and creativity above all else.

We have found a way to fuse comfort and convenience with beautiful aesthetics and scintillating designs. The focus is on providing stylish yet comfortable ethnic wear outfits to customers. We created our own niche in this segment and are earning accolades for its commitment to unique designs and customer centric approach. Our portal contains products that are themselves a departure from the contemporary ethnic wear products sold on Online Fashion stores in usual cases. Take the case of colorful yet comfortable kurtis which can be worn at workplaces and are not heavy or stifling in any manner. Alongside, they have given a new spin to Bottoms and Patiala’s with a wide range of Prints, Patterns and Designs that have enhanced their style quotient immensely.

Keeping the customer’s convenience and comfort in mind, these garments are made with the softest fabrics and contain innovations like the double side pockets in Patiala Bottoms. This is tremendously convenient for women and is one of the best innovations on part of our online portal. We also provide further value to the customer on account of the low prices listed for its products. Comfort and convenience are key fashion factors in the present scenario and Fashion Equation is proof enough of the same.