Taking Care of Jewellery

by 3 on March 06, 2014

It is a generally acknowledged notion among men of all ages that women cherish their jewellery as much as their offspring! While this might be a common social ridicule, most women would accept the accusation. Even young girls at an early teenage cannot resist the temptation of a pretty piece of ornament although preferences over the design and the element changes with age.

Indian women too, are no exception to this rule. In general, women like to wear jewellery in special occasions such as marriage ceremonies, but in recent times, more and more women seem to be inclined to wear their precious metals and stones at public gatherings of any sort.

The use of jewellery has certainly increased in the last decade. Besides the usual precious metals like gold and stones like diamond and pearls, a handful of other elements are also being used. One important reason is the new Online Jewellery Shopping in India. These online portals showcase and offer a wide range of jewellery online. The entrepreneurs have grabbed the market. Indian fashion jewellery is growing at a massive rate. But to flaunt these pieces proudly in public is one thing, and taking proper care of them is another issue. If you have a rich locker, it is a concern to keep the precious ornaments without any damage. These simple measures will help you keep them at their best:

  • First and foremost, you should never keep your pieces all together in a place. Diamonds, pearls and gold should be kept apart from each other and you should keep them in their own cases in the proper way. Otherwise, your jewellery can get damaged. 

  • With regard to silver and gold, try to store them in a dry place. 

  • While you perform a task that involves the use of any sort of chemicals or chemically prepared products, do not wear your precious pieces. 

  • It is advised that you put on your jewellery only after applying your make-up. If you reverse the process, it can damage your ornaments.

  • Cleaning your jewellery is an important part. But it is suggested that you do not try to clean these precious metals and stones at home. Usual cleaning chemicals like soaps contain alkali which can seriously damage these pieces. 

  • The best way to keep your jewellery at their best is to trust the professionals. There is a method of polishing involved in it which can only be provided by the experts and not at home. 

  • If you have one or more damaged pieces in your locker, it is advisable that you take them to professionals without delay to prevent deterioration. 

  • The old proverb says “Prevention is better than cure”. So regular inspection of your jewellery is necessary if you want to avoid permanent damage to them. 

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