Ethnic wear makes a comeback!

by 3 on March 14, 2014

Indian fashion markets have been abuzz with the sudden revival of ethnic wear as a mainstream fashion option. This has come as no surprise to global fashion retailers and big fashion conglomerates that operate globally. It is Indian designers and fashion labels that are trying hard to cash on the sudden demand for quality ethnic wear. Why this sudden comeback? As per fashion experts, Indian ethnic wear had never really been a saturated market. The Indian fashion industry underwent a radical change in the early years of the new millennium. Fashion perceptions were altered to a large extent by the influx of consumer culture and foreign influences.

Women were breaking off the shackles imposed by society and convention and venturing out into brave new paths. Indian ethnic wear was always associated with this old, outdated and conventional view of society and the modern woman. She had to break off all her associations with conventional morality and perceptions in order to keep pace with the new decade. As a result, the former staple for occasions and regular wear became an abandoned fashion category with minimal sales and demand. Most households shifted to a more Western style of dressing.

Corporate women started going for formal looks and Western brands which steadily made their presence felt in Indian markets. This halted designers and labels from experimenting with ethnic wear and popularizing newer designs for the same. As a result, the market lay neglected for quite some time. However, surprisingly, ethnic wear attained huge popularity in US, UK and European markets. Fashion icons and celebrities started endorsing and embracing Indian garments like Sarees and other ethnic staples like Salwar suits, Anarkali’s, Kurtis and Patiala’s. This led to unprecedented global sales of ethnic wear while Indian fashion labels catered to brand conscious customers who wanted the best of the West.

The scenario has changed in recent times as ethnic wear goes mainstream with strikingly attractive designs and greater variety. Modern day ethnic wear is ethnic wear with a slight twist, one that has suddenly made it appealing to a larger section of the mass. Contemporary ethnic wear has been shaped by a confluence of fashion perceptions and cross cultural creativity. It is not as stifling and humungous as the designs of yore. The sheer range of Indian kurtis and Indian anarkalis available these days, will leave you breathless with their beauty and cutting edge designs.

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