Cast away your pairs of Jeans this Summer

by 3 on April 11, 2014

Summer, like every other tropical country, is hot and humid in India. It can become quite unbearable during the months of May, June and July. To combat the heat and sweat, you need to wear comfortable clothes that are flowing enough to let your skin breathe. Wearing dark colours or fabrics that sit a little too tightly on the body can cause the skin to accumulate dirt, grime and sweat which can lead to an outbreak of boils and pimples. Therefore, you should always make it a point to wear clothes that are comfortable for you.

You should also wear clothing that is light in colour as it will reflect the sun’s rays and also covers your body well enough. Wearing fully covered clothes will prevent your skin getting damaged by exposure to the scorching sun. Therefore, wearing a pair of jeans becomes very uncomfortable during summers as they are snuggly fit and dark in colour. You need to find alternate clothing for bottoms if you don’t want to wear jeans for the season.

There are a number of alternatives to your jeans that you can try out. These are of different styles and can be paired equally well with t-shirts and trousers.

Palazzo Pants

Made popular in the 1970s or the generation of the hippies, the Palazzo pants were worn by actresses all over the world, irrespective of a language barrier. DevAnand used the Palazzo pants extensively on ZeenatAman in the movie “Hare Rame Hare Krishna”

Palazzo pants are quite easily available these days and you can look up online shopping sites for them. They are available in stripes and other similar prints. They can be paired with t-shirts, casual shirts and even kurtis.

Harem Pants

Popularized mostly by Kareena Kapoor in the movie Jab We Met, harems pants have been a rage since then. The baggy design of the bottom makes the item of clothing quite airy and hence comfortable enough to be worn in the summers. They are available in monochromatic shades along with prints. They can be paired with t-shirts, kurtis, kameez etc. Do not pair it with a shirt unless it is a casual one. Harem pants can be bought off the internet.

Bermuda and Shorts

Women might have a lot of reservation when it comes to wearing shorts, but men are always ready to don them at the time of summer. Summers become unbearable and the shorts offer some form of comfort. They are available in different lengths- knee lengths, calf lengths and even three quarters. They are available in various sizes and designs such as monochromatic colours, checked patterns etc. Some of them also come with pockets which can be used to store keys and cell phones. Shorts are ideal for children to wear during the summer months too.


One of the most popular items of clothing, leggings can be paired with both kameez and kurtis. They are usually made of nylon although other fabrics such as cotton are used to make them and they come in different colours and prints.

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