Do women prefer junk jewellery?

by 3 on April 14, 2014

Women and jewellery are inseparable companions from ages. Jewellery marks the class and status of a woman. It complements her outfit making her look even more beautiful. Only a woman knows the real worth of jewellery. All over the globe jewellery has always been in fashion among men and women equally. Indians have for ages long shown the world their grasp over the jewellery industry. Although the earlier genre of gold and silver jewellery, often with precious stones, is still on demand in weddings and such auspicious occasions, they are however on slight decay on other occasions.

A new branch in Indian Fashion Jewellery which is junk jewellery is seen to be the latest craze among women. Not only the youngsters but also the older generations embrace this trend with open arms. The abundant availability of junk jewellery in the present times is a proof of their demand among women. Semi-precious metals and stones have taken over the reign of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. in the forms of junk jewellery. Even wood and plastics are sometimes found to take part in their making. Lots of new designs are observed in them, sometimes wild and sometimes harmonious. The use of Kundan stones of various colours and different colours metals and materials in junk jewellery give them a colourful look. Jewellery designers find it very convenient to experiment on them and create more and more artistic designs. They are created pertaining to the needs of every kind of occasion. Thus junk jewellery has easily substituted our traditional ones.

Junk jewellery is a revolution in the spheres of Indian Fashion Jewellery. Not only do they stand out in designs and textures, but also in price. Since they are made up of semi-precious items and also from very cheap materials, the prices are low. Unlike expensive jewelleries, junk jewelleries need not be kept in lockers and safes and not be afraid of donning them on. Previously where one had to be satisfied with the purchase of just one piece of jewellery, now one can buy lot more with the same cost. The old saying that a woman is never satisfied proves false here. While reserving the gold ornaments for weddings women are reaching out to junk jewelleries for all other purposes. It also gives them a scope to experiment with their looks and find out their unique look every time.

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