Looking Smart in Tees

by 3 on April 16, 2014

T-Shirts have become very popular these days among boys and girls. They are very comfortable and available in pop colours, not to mention various sizes. People belonging to almost any category of age and body type can wear these and look smart. Tees have become so popular that people wear them to semi-formal events as well.

Considering men’s fashion, there is no better attire than tees. They are easy to slip on and can be worn both at home and outdoors. You can wear Men’s tees in a smart fashion to moderately formal occasions. Buy a couple of monochromatic tees with front buttons and collar for semi-formal occasions. Couple these t-shirts with cotton pants and a blazer and you are good to go to any party.

If you want to visit your friends for party or go out clubbing, then Mens graphic tees are one of the best solutions. Pick Mens graphic tees which have witty messages on them or designs of your favourite cartoons. You can express your opinions about movies, music bands, political ideas and much more through graphic tees. Graphic tees depicting the images of Che and Marx are quite readily available at affordable prices. Hence, if you believe in their ideologies, then you can quite literally wear them on you!

Men tees can be bought in different fabrics such as Lycra, nylon and cotton. For hot summer months, nothing can be more welcoming than cotton tees. For parties and other such events, you can wear tees made of Lycra or nylon. Lycra tees are quite good to be worn. However, you need to buy them a little loose so that they do not cling to the body. For winters, you can buy tees that are made of thick fabrics.

However, it is very important to take care of mens tees. Tees are usually made of soft fabric and hence tend to roughen up after a few washes. Graphic tees especially appear much worn out if washed regularly. Therefore, you should have a good stock of mens graphic tees if you are fond of them as the graffiti can wear off after some time. Be sure to buy tees from good brands otherwise they can bleed colour and wear out faster. The trick to maintaining your tees for a long time is to not wear them very often. Have a number of tees so that you can alternate them on different days.

At Fashion Equation, we offer Latest collection of tees for men. These tees come in different styles such as polo neck (ideal for winters), graphic tees and casual tees. You can pick your mens tees from here in various sizes and colours. The tees are usually sold at discounted rates. You can pay Cash On Delivery after shopping for Rs. 500. The Shipping can be done to your residence for free if you buy merchandise above Rs. 999/-

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