Newest fashion trends this season

by Fashion Equation on June 10, 2014

Fashion industry is a whole world of dream, fantasy and reality. A trend today, if embraced by all, becomes fashion tomorrow. Mostly it is what a celebrity or a high profile person wears is followed as a trend. Sometimes what attracts the mass becomes a trend too. The fashion worlds are ruled by these trends. Fashion designers follow such trends to create the highly acclaimed objects of fashion. Fashion trends are short-lived and ever changing. A certain trend returns after a period of time. However they occupy a permanent place in a fashion lover’s heart. India too is not far behind in this fashion world. Indian Fashion Jewellery and wears hold one of the top places in the global fashion market. Indian fashion is often imitated by the prominent fashionistas dominating the world fashion segments.

Fashions change. Newer ones take the place of the previous ones. There are some common trends seen globally. The ten most followed trends of the season, for women are:

  • Coats / Jackets
  • Dresses (Floral / Flared / Printed)
  • Shrugs
  • Long Anarkali Salwar Suits / Dresses and Longer Hemlines
  • Mid Length Skirts
  • Wide Legged Pants
  • Tunics
  • Jump-Suits
  • Belts
  • Indian Saris

A lot of coats and jackets are seen to be worn these days. They arrive from short to very long lengths. They can be worn in summers too. Coats are the trendiest in the list at recent times, embraced by the biggest of celebrities. Lots of experimentations are done on the age old dresses to give them a more gorgeous and trendier look to suit the era. There are the long, Elizabethan dresses seen mostly on red carpet events, shimmering and in enviable cuts. There’s the shorter variation too. Floral prints and newer prints are nice variations on them.The safest and surest ever the Little Black Dress or LBD will never be out of fashion. The latest fashion is the Shrug, which can be worn over any dress or top to give a new look or to hide too much skin.

The Anarkali suits much like the Elizabethan gowns are in fashion for quite sometimes. It gives a glamorous look to the wearer. Skirts, mainly of mid length are high in preference list of women. They come in A-line shapes, flairs, asymmetrical hemlines, tight fits, etc. Another variation is the divided skirt, more like a wide pair of trousers. The wide legged pants are comfortable as well as trendy to wear. Jumpsuits are a great option these days. They can sometimes be teamed up with a short shrug. Belts among the accessories can be a smart choice to remove monotony of a dress. Indian sarees are observed to be very prominent in the global fashion world. A search on Ethnic wear online can be helpful for one looking for these.

Earlier fashion was supposed to be the zone for the celebrities and the rich. It was due to the unavailability of fashion items in abundance and due to the high costs. Now, the common mass is more fashion conscious and thus production too is high scale to meet their demands. Availability is more profound because of the many emerging shopping portals. Mainstream fashion is within the reach both in availability and cost. They keep one updated with the latest emerging trends of the season. Fashion Equation is the new name in fashion and we offer Indian Fashion Jewellery and the most fashionable Ethnic wear online. Here your fashion dreams become easier to achieve. So, dream big and be fashionable.

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