Women and jewellery make for an everlasting love affair

by Fashion Equation on June 16, 2014

Jewelleries are women’s wealth, trust, best friend and lover. They play the most important role in a woman’s life. That is the reason why a bride is always decked and gifted with jewellery. Earlier a person’s standard was measured by the amount of jewellery possessed. From times immemorial women have always craved for more and more jewellery. Jewellery enhances the beauty of the outfit and of the woman. Women’s love for jewellery surpasses any love story.

Trends in jewellery have undergone changes for ages. Ages back jewellery pertained to gold and silver in heavy weights and designs. Often embossed with precious stones and gems, they flaunted the country’s riches and culture. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, etc were used. These jewellery items passed on to the later generations makes us aware of the spectacular works of art that they are. Indian Fashion Jewellery has got a make-over to suit the needs of the modern women. Jewelleries are now light in weight and slimmer in looks. Precious stones and metals are still used, along with the uses of platinum and semi-precious metals and stones like copper, bronze, etc. However, fashion industries have again brought back our traditional heavy jewelleries and are found to be of high craze among women.

A search for Jewellery Online reveals a great collection of junk jewelleries. Junk Jewelleries are best substitutes for the heavy pieces. They come in lots of splendid shapes and designs. The variations are vast and much affordable than gold, silver and precious stones. Some come in different colours and can be properly matched with outfits. Whereas some come just one coloured and can be matched with every outfit. Many come in wild designs and motifs. Bold experimentations are possible and fun with junk and custom jewelleries. The antique jewellery collections present graveness to the personality and are markers of good taste. Junk jewelleries are deservedly the hottest trend among teenagers to elderly women.

Jewellery must be worn keeping in mind the purpose and situation. Light ones are ideal for work places, heavier ones may be worn for occasions and festivals, while experiments with mix and match would be nice for parties, outings and informal gatherings. Proper jewellery gives confidence and faith on the self. An outfit demands a right piece of jewellery. A wrong choice can mar the entire look of a person and shatter confidence. So, one must be careful while choosing one’s jewellery. Indian fashion jewellery if chosen well can make a woman the eye catcher among the mass.

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