Making Stripes work for you

by Fashion Equation on June 24, 2014

Stripes are one of the most common fashion motifs and they rarely go out of style. Not only do they look formal but can also be seamlessly incorporated into casual clothing. You can make a formal shirt with stripes appear casual by folding the sleeves appropriately. Stripes also go a long way to mould the way you look. By wearing the right kind of stripes, you can make yourself appear fuller or slimmer.

What kinds of stripes are there?

Stripes need not be the pinstriped ones that we see on formal suits and trousers. They can be made in multiple colours with varying width and style. You can get a dress which has got stripes of various lengths running across the dress. Such stripes are known as variegated stripes. Usually horizontal stripes make you look fuller whereas vertical ones produce a slimming effect. In case of variegated stripes, even horizontal patterns can make you appear slimmer.

If you want to add bulk to a particular area of your body, you can wear draped stripes, where an embellishment is used along with the stripes in a specific part of the body. Recently, Mallika Sherawat was spotted in a pink and black striped dress, where an embellishment was used on the upper half of the dress.

How to make a stripe work?

When deciding between formal and casual wear, you need to pick between the stripes carefully. Broader horizontal or vertical stripes give off an aura of casual clothing and hence you can pick such outfits for your social dos. Do not use too many accessories with them otherwise they may make you appear overdone. For example, pairing a stole with a dress in stripes will take the appeal away from your attire. Stripes are quite bold as statements and hence they should be left at that.

If you think stripes won’t suit your body but still want to include them in your attire, then you can use a poncho or shrug in stripes to make it work. The best combination would be to pair a vibrantly coloured shrug, poncho or jacket with a monochrome dress. Monica Dogra, actress and musician, tried this style at an awards ceremony with good results.

How can men make stripes work?

Men are usually seen wearing shirts which are pin striped and appear formal. However, designers are producing half and casual shirts in stripes, which can be worn for casual occasions. The sleeves are rolled up and folded to make the shirt appear casual and also the stripes are kept broader.

If you are on the shorter side, then it would be better to wear long stripes as they make you appear thinner and taller. Don’t hesitate to play around with colours as the days of black stripes are over.

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